About Us

RI-YA GROUPS is the top digital marketing firm with a full range of data-driven web marketing services. We create growth-oriented web marketing campaigns that benefit businesses.

We don’t run a stagnant business. We don’t confine ourselves to a single industry. Any size business in any industry can benefit from the expertise and professionalism at RI-YA GROUPS, who can help them create a unique website and explore a variety of digital marketing services.

In order to offer our digital marketing partners the best services possible, we keep refining our procedures and invest in cutting-edge tools and resources while we expand.

To demonstrate actual outcomes, we start with a strategy. To ensure that our web marketing efforts accomplish more than just bring in new customers for our companies, our digital marketing team goes above and beyond.

Our Core Values
C – Customer First
R – Reliable
E – Enthusiastic
A – Authentic
T – Team Work
E – Empathetic

Our History

In the year 2020, Riyaz Ahamed established RI-YA GROUPS. He was born into and raised in a typical middle-class family. He pursued study as any other young person would, obtained a degree, and found employment. He was never content with the monotonous existence that everyone was leading. He had always considered doing something unique to set himself apart from everyone else. He has thrived to work hard for it in his spare time because he enjoyed the idea of business. That is how RI-YA GROUPS was founded, and it gradually grew to this point.

Message from the Founder

The culture and standards of RI-YA GROUPS are fundamental to its success. To ensure that both our clients and staff are happy with their advancement, we uphold a strong corporate culture based on our basic values. We aim for all employees to have access to a fulfilling workplace.

We place a higher priority on our clients satisfaction than just providing the best services to our clients. We focus in education and training of our professionals to develop the abilities then build a team of productive and accountable workers to serve our clients in the best possible way.